Pompo: The Cinephile Vol. 2

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Young film director Gene Fini is basking in the glow of his wildly successful debut. In fact, Gene's already got another offer on the table: a certain Nyallywood powerhouse wants him at the helm for their mega blockbuster sequel, Max Storm 2. The lavish budget and incredible locations are enough to leave his jaw hanging, but he soon realizes he doesn't quite fit in with this new crowd. When it comes to film, Gene can't accept anything but the best, and his passion and lofty ideals are about to send both him and his boss and mentor--the spunky, phenomenally talented film producer, Pompo--hurtling off in a very unexpected direction.

Contributors: Sugitani, Shogo
Format: Trade Paperback

Release Date: 11/2/21

Page Count: 172